Glazed Brick

Dunis Studio offers our one-of-a-kind collection of hand-glazed ceramic bricks.

Hand-Glazed Bricks

We have developed a beautiful “Arts and Crafts” inspired palette of textural colors. There are incredible crackles, crystal glazes, and intriguing mattes.

Color & Texture

Together, there are 65 hand-applied colors in unique shades that architects and designers will love. The bricks are thin and specially made for wall or floor use. Traditional brick clay is used, with all the interesting pits and imperfections part of the “brick” look. The irregular deckle edge is another unique brick feature.

Sizes & Applications

Dunis Studios Hand-Glazed Bricks can be used on indoor or outdoor projects and are designed to create a historic or contemporary atmosphere. Available in classic 4”X 8” brick size (with bullnoses also available).

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